Nikko walking tour 

with a guide

(Certified English Speaking Guide)

Everyday departure from JR Nikko station 

Gathering point : JR Nikko station (3 minutes walk from Tobu Nikko station)
What time: 10:30 am
Where we walk: JR Nikko station → Shinkyo bridge
→ Otabisho → Rinnoji temple (Sanbutsudo hall)
→ Toshogu shrine (Ishidorii, Omotemon gate, three monkeys, 121 lanterns, Yomeimon gate, portable shrines, Karamon gate, Praying hall, Sleeping cat and Tokugawa Ieyasu's tomb)→ Dismissed
How long: 3 hours
Option: We suggest you to go to Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park and Kanmangafuchi gorge to fill your whole day in Nikko
Fee: admission fee both Toshogu &Rinnoji ¥1,700
Fee for your guide:       ¥2.500 per person
   * Child under 12 years old with guardian is free.  
Each guide takes you up to 6 people, if there will be more than 7 people we provide one more guide.
You can hire a guide for your group at ¥15,000

*Note  This tour is currently not operating due to Corona virus pandemic.  We will start the tour as soon as overseas visitors freely come to Japan.
Our personal tours are available.  Please contact the guide you prefer.  See ABOUT US.

Nature & History

Nikko has two faces, natural beauty and man-made beauty.  Our walking tour takes  you a historic shrine and a temple but you will enjoy matching nature and art there.

You may visit Kanmangafuchi gorge and Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park after we finished visiting Toshogu shrine.  Our walking tour is for the people who needs commentary from the professional guide in temples and shrines.
Nikko's history dates back to 766.  Shodo Shonin (Buddhist monk) came over to Nikko from Shimotsuke for the purpose of climbing up the summit of Mt. Nantai which is the highest mountain around Tochigi prefecture to meet the deity who supposed to live in a high mountain.  He built shrines and temples then he finally climbed up the summit, it took him over 16 years.  And Tokugawa Ieyasu's mausoleum was built after the founder of Tokugawa shogunate died.  He became one of deities in Japan.

If you wish to hire a guide, we will take you to Inner Nikko where you can see lakes and waterfalls, and if you wish you can walk a board walk in the wetlands.
You may also enjoy being as a guest at British and Italian Embassy's villa memorial park by the lake.  2,486 m high Mt. Nantai erupted 20,000 years ago and formed Lake Chuzenji, Kegon waterfall and Kanmangafuchi gorge and so on.

Need a guide?  You may find the best guide for you from our list attached.

On the way to Kanmangafuchi Gorge

If you wish to walk a little more after our tour, we suggest you to visit Kanmangafuchi gorge where you can find nearly 80 stone statues of Jizo Bosatsu along Daiya river.
And also Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park would be the best place to see how the imperial family used to stay at their summer villa.

Shoyoen garden

If you are a garden lover, Shoyoen garden by the Sanbutsudo Hall, Rinnoji temple is the place to visit.
You can find various kinds of moss there and you can walk a typical Japanese strolling style garden with pond and island.