Contact anyone of guides listed below to book your tour.

We are English speaking guides based in Tochigi prefecture.  We are members of Nikko Guiding Tours Team.
All of us are certified guides and we love Nikko very much. 
We can guide you half a day or per day basis.  If you need a guide, please contact one of us listed below.  

  • Karen (Ikuko Kurata) Karate blackbelt
  • Mutsumi (Mutsumi Homma) Living in Nikko
  • Ian (Isao Ooka) Educated both Japan and US
  • Jack (Eiji Maruta) has lived in NZ for 22 years
  • Taka (Takashi Ugai) Retired Engineer on Aeronautics
  • Nao 
  • Plenty (Yutaka Ikeuchi) 

Our profile



Hello, my name is Takashi Ugai.  I am a retired engineer on aeronautics.  During my career, I had a chance to visit more than 30 countries in four continents of the world except Africa.  In Nikko there are lots of beautiful landscapes and historical architectures along with tasty foods.  I will be happy to assist you for making a wonderful memories of Nikko area.  Feel free to call me.


Hello, I'm Mutsumi Homma. 

Welcome to Nikko. 

 I was born and grew up and live in Nikko.  I am proud of living here.  It's my pleasure to be your guide in Nikko for you.  I would like you to enjoy natural and historical resources in Nikko. I also would like to help you satisfy Nikko sufficiently in response of your requests with hospitality.  Let's walk in Nikko together and see, feel, know and enjoy it!


I was born and grown up in Utsunomiya, near Nikko until 18 years old.  Then I have studied in Economics both in Japan and US(Kansas). After returning to Japan, I worked at the auto-parts company for almost 20 years.  During the period, I stayed in Kentucky, US for five years.  Against most of English native speakers, I have experience to deal with business about off-the-road steel wheels for construction vehicles.  Regarding hobbies, I'm interested in trying out the various food and watching sports all over the world.


Hi, I'm Ikuko Kurata.  I love traveling and meeting new people.  I'm also interested in Japanese history and culture.  I have a blackbelt in Karate.  I'd like to assist you to have a wonderful and memorable experience when you travel Tochigi prefecture including Nikko based on your requests and preferences.  I look forward to sharing time with you.


Hi there!  I'm Jack.  I've been doing an English speaking guide since I came back from New Zealand.  I've lived there more than 20 years and I almost decided to live there for the rest of my life.  However, fortunately God gave me a chance to come back to Japan.  Thanks again God made me pass the exam for the tour guide in 2007.  I can take you around anywhere in Japan but my preference is Nikko.  Lovely place to walk and look around.
Hope to see you soon!


Hello, everyone. My name is Yutaka Ikeuchi. Please call me Plenty.  I welcome all of you traveling to Japan.  I am quite interested in guiding guests from abroad. Niko is a special place among famous tourist sites in Japan because the area possesses wonderful spots in a sense of both Nature and History. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and historical monuments in the same area. That is convenient, isn't it?  I will be happy if I can share a special time with you.